February 24, 2012

Be Honest - Edited by Ninive Calegari.

[Notes from students who wrote about their past school life; there are many letters and I am writing down what I find it touching].

Julia Peck’s notes: she remembers her English tutor who enlightened her and her class on literature. Some of the books she referred are
The three little pigs
The Glory field
The Devil’s arithmetic
Treasure Island
Invictus (she was so impressed with this book that she memorized the following lines

- I am the master of my fate

- I am the captain of my soul

Jasmine Franco’s notes: she remembers who taught chemistry without knowing the importance of chemistry with students. Her tutor was so demanding, without trying to learn student’s context. Jasmine during her school life, faced toughness of life where her parents got deported to Columbia and she needed to survive all alone. She needed to work after school to survive and her tutor never willing to listen to her stories. A sad note though.

The most touching one was from Sherman Alexie whose school diary is a very famous one which got published in many outlets - http://comosr.spps.org/Alexie.html

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