May 31, 2009

Simplicity – The new competitive advantage in a world of more, better, faster – By Bill Jensen.

Simplicity – The new competitive advantage in a world of more, better, faster – By Bill Jensen.
Even though it was recommended in one of the good books I read, I did not like the narrative style nor the content flow.

The essence of Simplicity:

A Framework for getting simple - A three step process

1. Compete on Clarity
Use time differently
Changing how time is used
Planning for conversations
Contracting for behaviors
Listening to ignore more
Engaging everyone

2. Design Smarter work
Work backwards from what people need
Simpler to know
Feels simpler
Simpler to use
Simpler to do
Simpler to succeed

3. Lead through navigation
Change the rules of the game
Structure your company according to the questions people ask

What Success looks like?

Simplicity is when time is organized for getting stuff done and thinking
Create less clutter or make sense of it faster and you change how time gets used

Simplicity is when people can trust the company to help them work smarter
When tools, processes and information are grounded in what people need, execution is easier, faster and smarter

Simplicity is when companies are designed so people can navigate infinite choices
The future is about the power of maps and structuring companies according to human nature.

Following are the building blocks for using people’s time.

Knowing which few things are important

Considering and planning what the experience will feel like

Focusing on the tools and resources to be used

Creating and managing expectations

Creating a teachable view of what you are trying to achieve

Finding clarity amidst the noise

C - connected to what I do (How is this relevant?)
L - list of next steps (What should I do?)
E - expectations (What does success look like?)
A - ability (What tools and support do I need?)
R - return (WIIFM – What is it for me?)

Story telling structure ------Business translation
Conflict -------------------------Burning Platform
Transition ----------------------Where we are (progress to date)
Climax --------------------------Success this year
Close --------------------------- Destination (mission, vision, values)


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